Read here to find answers to some of the questions people have asked most. Who knows…maybe you’ll find an answer to a question you haven’t even thought of!

What does MORE stand for?
When the MORE Project was founded, “MORE” was created as an acronym that stood for “MonaVie Operation REscue.”As our organization has undergone a “metamorphosis” of sorts and achieved independent nonprofit status, the meaning of our name reflects this change. Now, when you see MORE, you’ll recognize it for its commitment to doing, giving, and creating more—more hope, more health, more caring, and more love—for the people living in the favelas—or slums—of Brazil
What are the goals of the MORE project?
Our vision is to change lives and restore families through a variety of specific programs that encompass our vision. To learn more, visit MORE in Brazil.
Do you have 501(c )(3) government nonprofit status?
Yes! This means that for US citizens, your donations are tax deductible. For non-US citizens, we are working on making donations tax deductible in other countries. our Tax ID Number is: #203770594.
Who do I contact about volunteering my time to The MORE Project?
The MORE Project currently offers several ways to volunteer or get involved:

1)  Volunteer Service Expeditions —come to Brazil with a group of MORE volunteers for a week and engage with the children and adults in our programs. The
purpose of these expeditions is to provide service to the population we serve in Brazil.
2) Donor-Led Initiatives — many of our donors have skills and ideas for raising funds in their own area for The MORE Project.
3) Volunteering your time at MORE sponsored events.

We’d love to have your involvement in any way you’d like. If you’re interested, please fill out an application for the specific event or initiative found in our GIVE MORE section. We look forward to supporting you in your efforts to give to The MORE Project.

I’ve got some ideas for raising funds for the MORE Project. What do I need to do to get started?
Yea! We love our fundraisers! In our Give MORE section, you’ll find the information and forms you need. Additionally, you can contact us at themoreproject@themoreproject.org for any questions you might have.
Does the MORE Project set up trips for volunteers to attend? If so, where do we go on our trip to Brazil? What is the average cost of a volunteer expedition to Brazil?
Yes, we do offer volunteer service expeditions, which take volunteers to The MORE Project located in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. You can view our calendar (expedition calendar) of future expedition dates, find out important (link to Give MORE Volunteer Expedition) details on expeditions (i.e., costs, visa and passport requirements, etc.), or you can read what previous expedition-goers (volunteer testimonials) have to say about the experience.
I am interested in volunteering my services (as a doctor, nurse, dentist, teacher, etc.) in Brazil. Is there a way for me to do this through The MORE Project?
At this time, we are in the process of creating specialized expeditions that utilize the highly needed skills many of you volunteers have. In fact, just recently we launched a pilot “;dentist”; expedition to Brazil with the goal of having an ongoing expedition dental program over the next two years. We currently do not have plans in place to send medical care to Brazil but will investigate this in 2009. However, if you are interested in coordinating or suggesting a group like this, please send us an email themoreproject@themoreproject.org along with your expedition application, describing your special skills and your interest (if any) in co-leading such a group. We will work with you personally to try to make this happen!
Is it possible to donate items such as books, supplies, software, etc. to the MORE Project?
We are always grateful to receive materials for donation and use in Brazil. That said, one of our biggest challenges is in shipping these items overseas. We are working on ways to accommodate shipping challenges. For the time being, we will attempt to accommodate each item donation on an individual basis. If you have items you’d like to donate, please e-mail us with a detailed list of the items you have available, the date you need to have them shipped, and your contact information, and we will respond to your request personally.
Where do I make a donation: on the website, by mail, or phone?
To make a tax-deductible donation to the MORE Project, simply fill out and submit this interactive donation form. If you prefer, you can make your donation by mail

The MORE Project
10855 South River Front Parkway, Fourth Floor

South Jordan, UT 84095

or phone (801) 208-1145. (Note: please have the following information ready: name, address, credit card information, including security code, and donation amount). For more information or to see how your donations benefit the deserving people in Brazil, go to GIVE MORE.

How do I get a receipt for my donations? Will I receive a year-end donation summary? Are donations to the MORE project tax deductible?
Each time you make a donation, we ask that you provide your name, email address, phone number, address and distributor ID (if applicable). Once we have this information (with each donation), we will email and/or mail you a receipt reflecting your tax-deductible donation, along with our tax ID number. We realize this has not always happened in a timely manner in the past; however our commitment moving forward is to ensure receipts are sent with an annual receipt going out to all donors at the end of each year listing all donations made during the preceding year.
What do I need to know about Employer matched donations?
That’s a great question. Because the MORE Project is a formal 501(c)(3) charity, we qualify for many employers’ donation match programs, which means that your donation can go much further because of your employer’s match. To find out about employer-matched donations, you would need to contact your employer’s Human Resource department and ask whether they offer such a program. If so, you would need to find out what their specific requirements are to make a matched donation. If you run into problems or your HR department has questions, you can have them contact us to provide any information—i.e., official confirmation of donation and/or charitable status—they require.
How much of MonaVie distributor donations benefit the individual recipients at the MORE Project and how much of it goes to administrative or overhead costs?
The MonaVie corporation has committed to covering 100% of the administrative costs of The MORE Project. This means that 100% of the donations we raise will go directly to the cause in Brazil.
Any idea when the MORE store will be up & running? Where can we get MORE merchandise such as DVDs, brochures, etc.?
We hope to have an active MORE Store on our website in the near future! In the meantime, attendees of MonaVie conventions will have a chance to purchase some products there. If you’re looking to purchase promotional tools and materials to support your fundraising efforts (i.e., The MORE Project DVD, Print materials, etc.) please contact us at themoreproject@themoreproject.org or at (801)748.3444.
What is the name and artist of the song in the More Project Video?
The most recent vocal artist we used to back up our MORE Project slide show is Kurt Bestor. The song was entitled “Prayer For The Children”. We are currently working on licensing this music for broader MORE Project use. In the meantime you can find information on Kurt’s music a http://www.kurtbestor.com/.