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Brazil Flag  BRAZIL

The MORE Project has numerous specialized programs whose overall aim is to provide critical care and support for some of Brazil’s most overlooked, impoverished children, adults, and families of a favela [slum] located outside Rio de Janeiro.

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Brazilian children


Thailand Flag THAILAND

In 2012, MORE Project in Thailand began a partnership with Puttakaset Khun-Yuam School, a wonderful school in the mountains of Mae Hong Son of northern Thailand that serves four different tribal communities. The families served by this school live in poverty and most live very simply off the land. Without this school, education is not an option for these children because families in Thailand pay to educate their children.

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Thai Child

India Flag INDIA

MORE Project has chosen its initial partnership with a non-profit organization south of Chennai whose purpose is to eradicate leprosy in India. The adults affected by leprosy in India become “untouchable” in society. Even once their leprosy is healed, they and their families are not accepted in work places. MORE Project is proud to partner with Rising Star to support the education of the children of leprosy affected families.

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Indian Child