A Man’s Story:

Narsappas was just 10 years old when he was told he had leprosy, but the news changed the course of his life forever. People in his Indian village immediately began to shun him and told his parents that he had to leave. He says his mother started grieving for him “as if I was already dead”. Shortly afterwards, his father took him to a hospital two hours away from home and left him there. No one ever came to visit him and Narsappa never went home again. Now a grown man, Naarsappas, lives in a leprosy colony on the outskirts of the city and has a child of his own. Although his child is not affected with leprosy, he is also shunned by society and his outlook for educational opportunites and advancment is limited. Narsappas’ story is typical of those affected with leprosy in India.

MORE Project in India:

MORE Project has chosen its initial partnership with a non-profit organization south of Chennai whose purpose is to eradicate leprosy in India. The adults affected by leprosy in India become “untouchable” in society. Even once their leprosy is healed, they and their families are not accepted in work places. MORE Project is proud to
partner with Rising Star to support the education of the children of leprosy affected families. The organization provides medical care and micro loans to adults to create dignity and an opportunity for health and income. The children are provided with an excellent education. These children are considered untouchable,
but the hope is that through education they can enter into society with confidence and the ability to find meaningful jobs and careers. The primary goal is to change a generation!

Late in 2011 and again in 2012, the children from the school were able to come and dance at a MonaVie event where MORE Project was present and money was raised for children’s school. These children had tears streaming down their eyes as local Indian people came to the stage to donate money that would support the children’s learning opportunities. The children felt so proud they could tell their story of suffering through dance and could help raise money for their school. They reported to their teachers that this event changed their lives.

about 41% of the Indian population [490,000,000] falls below the poverty line
1 in 3 malnourished children worldwide are found in India
25 million
the number of orphans in India