A Child’s Story:

Small children living in the mountains of northern Thailand live a very simple life. Their tribal families live in poverty and they live off of the land in their agricultural society. Because the family does not earn a monetary income they cannot afford to pay the costs required for a formal Thai education, so these children do not go to school and opportunities for advancement are very limited.

MORE Project in Thailand:

In 2012, MORE Project in Thailand began a partnership with Puttakaset Khun-Yuam School, a wonderful school in the mountains of Mae Hong Son of northern Thailand that serves four different tribal communities. The families served by this school live in poverty and most live very simply off the land. Without this school, education is not an option for these children because families in Thailand pay to educate their children. Parents are anxious for their children to receive a better life and are grateful for the school scholarships their children receive.

Luang Paw Cheyote, the founder of the school, was a MonaVie distributor and a monk who dedicated his life to founding, supporting and educating more than 600 children in these schools in Thailand. He passed away recently and was admirably honoured at the Asia Pacific Conference for his selfless efforts.

The school we are partnering with provides shelter, food, life values, education, and practical agriculture skills for more than 100 children. The school is based on self-sustaining principles and has organic rice and mushroom farms to not only raise money but to teach the children farming practices that they can take home and implement in their local communities. The founding teachers from the school have dedicated their lives to changing the lives of these children.

of Thai people live off of less then $2 a day
the amount per month that could provide food for a child at our school
roughly 10% of Thai people [about six million] live below the poverty line